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Cute Nightlights and Efficient Kids’ Room Ideas

Just look at this adorable nightlight from Ikea!

Spoka Night Light












Ikea has charming, efficient childrens’ room ideas that incorporate the ingenious storage solutions and modern yet comfortable furniture that Ikea is known for. Just go to, click on Children’s Ikea, and click on Children’s Room Ideas. Each room includes a sleeping area, toy storage, play areas (with a children’s table or play kitchen, for example), and a delightful decor that both kids and parents will love. Click on the different sections of each room and short videos play to demonstrate how the storage areas are even more efficient than you ever expected.

Check it out and be inspired!


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Child’s Room Decorating Ideas

Sweet Sleeper (photograph by Spigoo)

Sleeping babies are so beautiful. This little one looks like he just passed out from sheer exhaustion right on the spot.

We recently moved into a new house. Of course, the first room on our list to fully furnish and decorate is our daughter’s bedroom. She is 8 months old, very observant and aware of her surroundings, so my husband and I want to decorate her room in a way that is calming, so she can relax and sleep peacefully there, but also in a way that will be developmentally stimulating, a room where lots of fun and learning will take place.

The Land of Nod has so many beautiful and unique options for kids’ furniture, as well as creative decorating ideas. Check out their room decor collection at They have the most amazing wall art for kids’ rooms. Some of the items are educational, like the All Together Alphabet and the Get it out of Your Solar System pictures. Others are fun and fanciful. And others have important reminders for kids: “Brush Your Teeth (by order of Management).”

They offer gorgeous wall decals. My absolute favorite is the tree decal set. It comes complete with birds and butterflies that can sit in the trees, a 45 inch high tree and a 65 inch high tree.

Land of Nod Tree Decal Set

What great kids’ room decorating ideas do you have? Feel free to share some pictures of your child’s room in the comments section!

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